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Geelong Media is run by a group of media professionals who have years of experience with broadcasting, media production, web publishing and online training.

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E-learning and online training

Awareness campaigns, communication and storytelling: We deliver customised services and e-learning modules, which are creative, engaging and professional. In order to provide the best results at the best prices, we collaborate with a network of journalists, photographers, graphic artists, animators, programmers and consultants.

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The two most important ingredients in our cybersecurity and climate awareness material are: humour - and simplicity. For instance, to prevent hacking and cyberattacks we deliver a series of video cartoons that have a humorous, creative twist and which inspire and engage employees to improve their IT habits. This helps raise the cybersecurity level significantly for the entire organisation.

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‘Humour against CRAP’

CRAP is Carbon, Rubbish And Pollution – the stuff that makes our climate change.
Companies are setting ambitious goals to reduce their carbon emissions, but to achieve them, every employee in the organisation needs to understand why it is important and what it involves. Using video cartoons and humour, this campaign is about bringing everyone in the organisation on the same page and rise to the challenge together.


Wordpress website creation, including e-commerce and membership sites.

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Radio and podcast training

Podcast technology has done for radio what the computer did for magazine publishing: everyone can be their own “radio station” today. It’s personal and potentially powerful. Six one-hour sessions will teach you what’s required to become a successful podcaster, while we assist you with the technical setup.

Photography and video production

Event documentation, 360° special assignments, video for social media and presentations, animation and cartoons. Tell us what you’d like to produce, and we will give you a proposal to how to get it done.

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News and campaigns

Take a closer look at some of the campaigns we have delivered to our clients and read about our current work.


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