Geelong Media’s mission is to support the corporate world to build a safe and sustainable future for all. We help companies strengthen their policies and actions on carbon emissions, energy and water usage, waste and cybercrime.

Our experience is that positive action on these issues is not only possible, it is also good for the bottom line in the company’s economy. And it goes much further than that: it also helps improve the health, mental health and general well-being of both employees and executives, which again has a positive effect on a company’s internal relationships, performance, productivity and innovation.

Biggest threats to humanity
The threats from cyber crime and the global carbon emissions challenges are bigger than ever. The urgency for solutions in these ares are paramount. In the book ‘21 Lessons for the 21st Century’, author Yuval Noah Harari argues that the three biggest threats to humanity today are nuclear war, climate change and technological disruption.

We like to be on top of things. So Geelong Media currently focuses on creating awareness campaigns and engagement around two of these biggest challenges of our time, namely cybersecurity and climate safety.

Geelong Media delivers innovative tools to educate and inspire employees across every sector of the economy to take action. With high-level engagement and awareness campaigns, we inspire the most important, but in this respect often overlooked security vulnerability in any business: the employees.

Our recipe
Communicating well about a serious threat is not a simple task. It requires special skills and efforts to be able to communicate in such a way that no one gets disengaged or even decides to ‘block it out’ entirely.

Our experience is that communication and education about serious threats shows much better results when it is done with humour, helped by cute and short cartoons, and always held in a light, optimistic tone.

This is the reason our communication and awareness campaigns are so well received. 

Partnerships and networks
Geelong Media is a member of Geelong Chamber of Commerce and the Localised network.
We collaborate with a number of IT-companies about creating awareness about cybersecurity.